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Universal-access facility

STAR Center will be a one-of-a-kind, universal-access facility that welcomes all. Designed from the start to meet as many people’s needs as possible, the STAR Center eliminates the need for facilities to be retro-fitted for adaptive use. Located adjacent to the former rubber mill property at Red Cloud and George Streets in La Crosse, it will feature leading-edge adaptive and assistive equipment.

The facility will house four main areas:

  • Activity Center
  • Life Center
  • Disability Resource Center
  • Veteran Center

For the first time, everyone can have access to equipment, instructions, and resources previously available only in a medical setting.

STAR Center floor plans

STAR Center level-one floor plan

STAR Center floor plan

STAR Center level-two floor plan

“The STAR Center would enable a person to continue on their rehabilitation journey in a supportive environment working toward making gains in their functional abilities.”

Cheryl Neubauer
Supervisor, Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC)

The centers within STAR Center

Activity Center

The Activity Center will encompass the largest part of STAR Center, containing the physical activity areas:

  • Lap and therapy pools
  • Gymnasium
  • Exercise studio
  • Strength and cardio area with adaptive equipment
  • Specially equipped perimeter track
  • Physical therapy rooms
  • Spin studio
  • Pediatric center
  • Accessible men’s, women’s and family locker rooms

Life Center

The Life Center will target other areas of wellness by offering education, job training, targeted programming and clinical teaching.

Disability Resource Center

In creating the Disability Resource Center, the STAR Center will create a hub for community resources, funding sources, service providers and clients, bringing them together in one convenient location. Community partners will offer much-needed programs in this innovative, universal-access complex.

Veteran Center

Located just off of the lobby, the Veteran Center will create a place for veterans to come for support, recreation and community, while being conveniently near the other services offered at STAR Center.


The STAR Center model is designed to:

  • Create unprecedented, universal access to physical and social activity
  • Reduce health risks from lack of movement
  • Interrupt the cycle of physical and mental decline
  • Achieve health equity

The STAR Center goals include:

  • To optimize the quality of life for individuals with disabilities
  • To minimize secondary health issues due to disability and inactivity
  • To decrease health care expenditures
  • To educate future professionals in the care of individuals with disabilities
  • To eliminate barriers to activity for those with disabilities
  • To decrease social services expenditures
Veteran in wheelchair

“From my perspective, the STAR Center is a very important initiative, and one that the community needs.”

Jeff Legler, PT, MHA
Director of Rehabilitation Services, Mayo Clinic Health System