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All-inclusive services

All community members can experience benefits with the all-inclusive array of STAR Center programs.

Currently, adaptive or assistive equipment that fits—with assistance in using it—is rarely available. The STAR Center will offer both specific programs and specialized equipment to serve the needs of people with disabilities or challenges and traditional programming and equipment for able-bodied individuals.

At the STAR Center, every individual will have the opportunity to choose what type of programming best suits their needs.

Supporting the needs of our entire community

Community-based assisted exercise

At the STAR Center, individuals will gain rare access to a variety of equipment commonly used in clinics and rehab centers, and can rely on assistance from staff members and students studying to become physical and occupational therapists. Most importantly, community-based assistive exercise lets individuals continue to enhance their health through exercise even after insurance coverage ends.

Adaptive programming

Through specialized adaptations in equipment and approach, adaptive programming addresses the specific needs of individuals with disabilities and allows them to participate and enjoy the highest levels of recreation, exercise and fun. Therapeutic recreation students and staff will be available to do individual assessments and modifications for participants.

Inclusion programming

Inclusion programming at the STAR Center will allow everyone, regardless of ability, to participate in activities together. While other facilities’ inclusion programming may not address an individual’s physical challenges, individual assessment available at the STAR Center, adaptations of activities and specialized equipment will allow all community members to participate at optimum levels together.

Traditional programming

The STAR Center will also offer traditional recreation and exercise programming to people without health challenges. A variety of traditional aerobic and strength training equipment will be available at the STAR Center for those who do not require assistance or accommodation. The traditional programming and equipment will also give caregivers the opportunity to exercise while their friends and relatives receive assistance from STAR Center staff.

Gaps are filled with a variety of programming

Providing a path to optimized health

opportunity gap

“The STAR Center bridges the medical model to the community model. That bridge doesn’t exist to the extent it should, because most health clubs aren’t set up to accommodate the health and wellness needs of individuals with disabilities.”

Jeff Legler, PT, MHA
Director of Rehabilitation Services, Mayo Clinic Health System

Adaptive recreation and exercise programs

Adaptive recreation and exercise and other programming at STAR Center will include:

Adaptive sports

  • Adaptive archery
  • Adaptive sled hockey
  • Adaptive swimming
  • Adaptive tennis
  • Adaptive track and field
  • Adaptive weight lifting
  • Adaptive yoga

Adult adaptive sports leagues

  • Adaptive flag football league
  • Adaptive soccer league
  • Adaptive floor hockey league
  • Adaptive whiffle ball league


  • Beep baseball
  • Boccia
  • Choir
  • Dance
  • Goal ball
  • Karate
  • Pilates
  • Rowing league
  • Sit volleyball
  • Tai chi
  • Team RWB  for veterans
  • Theater
  • Walk and wheel
  • Warrior sports

Wheelchair sports

  • Wheelchair basketball
  • Wheelchair football
  • Wheelchair lacrosse
  • Wheelchair power hockey
  • Wheelchair soccer

Youth adaptive sport leagues

  • Youth adaptive flag football league
  • Youth adaptive soccer league
  • Youth adaptive floor hockey league
  • Youth adaptive whiffle ball league

Special programming

  • Autism spectrum programming
  • Inclusive community service outreach program
  • Multiple sclerosis programming
  • Music therapy
  • Parkinson’s programming
  • Pre-schooler development
  • Senior programming
  • Visual impairment programming

“This is an exciting project for an underserved population in our community.”

Tanner Holst
Vice President, Medical Specialities, Mayo Clinic Health System